Our Team

With upmost passion and dedication to the industry, we are a team of committed and resilient people working effectively and striving to guarantee the success of each project.

Mikko Koivisto

Mikko has been in the forest products industry for over 20 years and has extensive senior management experience with a number of large forest products manufacturers. His most recent experience comes as the strategic fibre supply lead to a web of forest products facilities in Northern Ontario. With a keen interest in driving improvement and maximizing value chains, Mikko brings widespread experience in forest operations, managing large projects, business development and building mutually beneficial partnerships. In addition to this, Mikko has extensive experience in large scale contract negotiation, government relations and First Nations engagement. Mikko brings solutions, risk mitigation and sound project management skills to every project.

Ryan Murphy, R.P.F.

Ryan is a professional forester with over 20 years of broad ranging forest industry management experience. His most recent experience comes as the manager of some of the largest forest management and forest renewal programs in Ontario. He has extensive experience dealing with a broad range of stakeholders, managing competing interests and finding effective solutions to issues and conflict. He has comprehensive technical and operational experience in forest management, forest renewal, wood supply analysis, forest modelling, environmental management systems, woodflow planning and agreement/contract development. Ryan has led the successful establishment of third-party independent forest certification processes on a number of forests and has led the sustainability portfolios for large companies. He has managed sustainability related matters with forest products consumers and environmental groups from around the globe. In addition, Ryan holds multi-disciplinary governance experience and has represented natural resource, social and economic interests on many boards and committees in Ontario.

Michelle Vecchione

Michelle is a recent graduate from Lakehead University’s Masters of Business Administration program. Her background consists of immense skill, knowledge and experience in administration, operations management, marketing, accounting and data analysis. She has successfully lead organizations, guided projects and continues to prove her willingness to learn, take on new challenges and be driven towards success. With her never-ending amount of dedication and a drive to continually work hard everyday, she makes clients and partners satisfied and her teammates proud. With experience in government relations, programs and funding, she has successfully used her literary skills in grant writing which has allowed her prior organizations to benefit from government funding on the provincial and federal level. All that, mixed with her love of nature and environmental sustainability, we are happy to welcome Michelle to the team.

Dustin Kinzett

Dustin has a forestry technician diploma from Fleming College’s School of Environmental & Natural Resource Sciences where he won the Canadian Institute of Forestry Gold Medal for outstanding achievement and faculty participation as well as the Wood-Mizer Canada Award for achievement in wood products. He received an Indigenous Perspectives Designation from Fleming for his work on modern Indigenous issues and community involvement proposals. He is currently enrolled in the Honours Bachelor of Science in Forestry program at Lakehead and is expected to graduate in 2024. After graduation, he will be fulfilling the final steps towards his full Registered Professional Forester designation. Dustin has nine years’ experience managing inventory and personnel from the retail sector. 

Landon Newman 

Landon has a forestry technician ecosystem management diploma from Confederation College. This two year co-op diploma program has prepared him for his career in all areas of forestry including forest management, forest resource conservation and protection, silviculture, fish and wildlife, fire management, research support, recreation and nature interpretation. As an outdoorsy man, Landon has enjoyed his studies and is excited about the start of his career in forestry. He is currently assisting the management of a harvest on the Lake Nipigon Forest.


“Mikko and Ryan are an amazing team of hard working professionals. It has been a pleasure working with them. I am confident and excited about our future endeavors together.”

Eric Levesque, 1191528 Ontario Ltd